The Last Sims on Earth: Episode 1

If you’re just tuning in, you’ll want to see the INTRODUCTION to the Last Sims on Earth.


Adam Hunter was just coming back to the precinct when The Sickness started killing off his coworkers.


“You brought…guests? I wish you would’ve called to warn me,” Eve said, shuffling her bunny slipper clad feet. “I would’ve at least gotten dressed!”

“I tried calling. Something is happening. I think that flu is getting worse. This is Theo and Clara, they’re going to be staying for us for a while while we figure all this out.”


As the months passed by, Theo knocked up his girlfriend Vanessa Harrison, but he doesn’t even like kids, so he’s not so sure about it.

Clara Green has set her sights on Theo. By night, she scours the town looking for valuables at empty houses nearby. She figures eventually society will be rebuilt–they may even come across living Sims they just don’t know about yet!–and people will want their bobbles again. Might as well have a monopoly!


Eve is excited to have her baby, but she’s nervous about the lack of prenatal care.

To cheer her up as her due date nears, Adam suggests to Clara they have a little baby shower for her.

“What a great idea!” she enthuses. “I’ll make the cake.”


Although an event planner, Clara didn’t have a lot of decorations to work with, and without any surviving doctors, they had no ultrasound to know the baby’s gender. Still, it’s a nice time.


Vanessa shows up with a bouncer for the new baby, but can’t help noticing that Clara Green is ALL OVER Theo!

When she pulls Theo aside to ask about it, he accuses her of acting like a jealous girlfriend and tells her he needs space.

“Space?” she asks, stunned. “Space?! I’m carrying your child!”

“I know that, I just… look, this whole domestic thing isn’t for me, ok?”

“You are unbelievable,” she tells him before storming out.


Before Vanessa has even made it down the road, Theo starts flirting with Clara.

“Thought you had a girlfriend,” Clara teases.

“Not anymore,” he informs her.

Clara grins.


The Last Sims on Earth Community: Introduction


It was an ordinary day in Willow Springs when The Sickness suddenly hit.

A new strain of the llama flu, it spread rapidly.

Then the deaths began. Medical experts scrambled to find a vaccine, to find a cure, anything to fight the sudden, deadly illness striking down entire families.


As with any illness, there were those who just got lucky, and those who had a natural immunity.

The population dwindled, leaving only a few Sims left on Earth.

This is their story.

05-22-15_11-42 PM

Alyssa Reynolds has always wanted to be in a band, and when she went to see her favorite local band, Sims Against the Plumbob, she noticed their guitarist wasn’t feeling so hot.

She’d been crushing on the lead singer for a long time too, and when she got a chance to hang out with him after the show, she mentioned that she was a pretty good guitarist if they needed a back-up.

She came away from the show with an audition and a date with Ezekiel!


Her relationship with Ezekiel took off, and so did her music career! The original guitarist got better, but Ezekiel decided he liked Alyssa’s sound better.

A few months into the relationship, she and her roommate (Vanessa Harrison) were hanging out with their respective boyfriends by the lake.

“Hey,” Vanessa said, glancing at the stranger nearby. “Do you see that big bruise on that guy’s arm?”

Alyssa stole a peek, then began uneasily, “Isn’t that one of the symptoms of something going around? I feel like I saw something about that on the news.”

Vanessa’s boyfriend Zaiden said, “Yeah, I feel like I saw something like that, too…”

“We better head home,” said Ezekiel. “Don’t want to catch anything. Our band has a show next weekend, we can’t afford to miss it.”

Millions died.

Ten survived.

These are the last Sims on Earth.




TheoClaraAdam Eve

Mike and Carrie

It’s My Party, and I’ll Cry if I Want To!

In case you missed my FIRST POST about the royal family, get all caught up so you know who the players are this time!


Chapter One

I wasn’t even nervous.
Tying my honey blonde hair back into a pony tail and checking my make-up in the mirror, it occurred to me that I should probably be nervous. It was my first date, after all.
I was wearing a cute black miniskirt with a cranberry drape-neck top. I wondered what Phillip would wear.
When his family’s driver pulled up outside the house, that’s when I got nervous. I couldn’t stop smiling, my stomach fluttering as I made my way out of the house.
There he stood, just outside the car door. Phillip was such a handsome guy–tall and lean with broad shoulders and a narrow waist. His black hair was pulled back into a sleek pony tail, and he had a square jaw that would make Superman himself jealous. His chin had this adorable dimple, and he had high cheek bones. His best feature, though, had to be his amazing blue eyes.
I sighed a little when he smiled at me.
Yep, I could do a lot worse.

Lady Jeanette Whitely begins writing the story of her failed affair with Prince Phillip, even if she knows she can never actually publish it. The disappointment of her intended husband falling for someone else has left her a touch sad, and there aren’t a lot of other eligible men around. Despite her intellect, Jeanette aspired to have a successful lineage, and no doubt marrying Phillip would have meant a tremendously successful lineage–even if the “evil” trait seems to run in the royal family.


Attempting to move on, Jeanette throws herself into volunteering for a charity function that Lady Selina Covington is hosting. Her younger brother, Lord Stephen, tries to cheer her up the morning of the event.

“I just don’t feel like spending all day with Selina and Phillip, watching them make goo-goo eyes at one another,” she confides.

“Maybe she’ll wear a really ugly dress, and he’ll check out all the other girls when her back is turned.”

Jeanette laughs and tells him he’s terrible, but feels better nonetheless.


“Oh good, Jeanette and Stephen will both be there,” Selina tells Phillip when she gets the message from Stephen.

“Stephen, huh? Are you on first name basis?” he teases.

Selina rolls her eyes indulgently. “Don’t be ridiculous. I’ve only met him once, and you’re too handsome and wonderful to be jealous.”

“That’s true, I am pretty wonderful,” he says lightly.


“Is that what you’re going to wear?” Phillip asks, lifting an eyebrow when she comes down.

Glancing down uncertainly, she says, “Well, I was planning to… don’t you like it?”

“No, no, it’s fine… but my mother hates red.”



It’s the evening of the fundraiser and everyone who’s anyone is there! Lady Selina pauses to snap a selfie with her new fast-friend, Lady Marcella Rochester.


#fundraiser #goodcause #forthekids #nofilter #cremedelecreme #societyfunction #newdress #succi #allthehashtags

Marcella snaps a selfie, and after posting it to all her social media accounts so everyone knows where she is, she sends a sexier one to Prince Phillip.


Lady Jeanette opens up the fundraiser while everyone is shuffling around, getting back to their seats.

“I want to thank each and every one of you for coming out tonight. As I’m sure you know, Children Without Violins is a very worthy cause that is close to all of our hearts. These days, it seems childhood flies right by. One minute they’re babies, cooing in their bassinets, and the next moment–boom!–they’re off to school! Not literally, of course,” she says, laughing. “That would be crazy!”

The members of the audience chuckle, as if it’s a private joke of some sort.

“But seriously, thank you for your support. Because of you good people, we’re working to make sure that no child is without a violin!”



“Now, if you want to talk about good people… they really don’t get much better than our hostess tonight, my good, good friend, Lady Selina Covington!”

More applause, and Lady Selina stands and makes her way toward the stage.

Impulsively, while Selina approaches, Jeanette adds, “We’ve been through so much together. And she does so much good, I just really…really admire her, y’know? Even if you did steal my date and make him your boyfriend.” She laughs a little too cheerfully. “No, you know I’m just kidding. I love you, girl!”


“Here she is, ladies and gentlemen!”

Selina forces a smile as she takes the stage. “Thank you for that…hilarious introduction,” she says, smile-glaring at Jeanette.


The function is a success, and Lord Stephen attempts to charm Princess Macy, but while she appreciates his sense of humor, she doesn’t seem to see him in a romantic light.


After the fundraiser, Lady Selina heads home since she has brunch with the queen the following morning, but Phillip heads out to an after party. When she questions the need for an afterparty after a…party, Phillip merely stares at her.

Lady Marcella finds her way to him during the after party, asking if he liked the picture she sent him. He says he did, and initially begins to harmlessly flirt, but when her hand skates across his thigh, he realizes maybe it isn’t so harmless and lets her know he has a girlfriend.

“I know,” she says, smiling.


He moves away from her and manages to lose her until it’s time to leave, and she tags along with his crowd back to the castle for some Pop-tarts and 60 year old wine.

Everyone else eventually disperses, but Marcella is the last to leave. She continues to come onto Prince Phillip, and he eventually has to ask her to leave.


Over the next couple of months, things go really well. A full week before her birthday, Phillip surprises Selina with a rose and a pair of diamond earrings.

“I’m not sure if I’m going to be back in town to help out with the party, but I’ll definitely be back for your party,” he tells her.

The prince is going to Europe on vacation with his family, and despite her many hints about how lucky he was and how jealous she was that he was going to Europe, she is not invited along.

She knows Phillip would want her there, but Lacey probably told him he couldn’t invite her. For some reason, the queen just didn’t seem to like her, no matter how hard she tried.


When Jeanette is over visiting Selina, she meets her younger brother, Cruz. Cruz is not a lord, since he is the result of their mother’s affair with a commoner, but he is pretty cute, and he follows Jeanette around like a puppy dog. It’s cute, but he’s also way too young for her to take seriously.

Their brother and the Covington heir, Lord Richard, on the other hand…

Jeanette thinks he’s kind of cute, and he’s about the only other titled guy around she has a shot with, so she goes over to his house one evening and makes her famous ‘okay salad’ to wow him with her mediocre cooking abilities.

She can’t tell if he likes her or not by the time she leaves, but makes a note to stop by to visit Selina on occasion, even if she does occasionally hate her.


But when Jeanette overhears Selina and Phillip talking after dinner, it gives her pause.

“No, really, I have some great ideas for improving the military,” Selina says.

Laughing, Phillip says, “Babe, come on. You don’t know anything about the military.”

“Well, that’s not exactly true. I actually studied–”

“Babe, you’re so adorable. Why don’t you tell your mom about that party my mom invited you to? You should probably buy a new dress or something.”

Serina’s lips thin for a moment, but then she nods and pastes a smile on, turning to tell her mother about the party with a convincing attempt at cheerfulness.

Meanwhile, Jeanette realizes she might not have been as happy with Phillip as she always imagined.



It’s finally the night of her 18th birthday party and Selina is so excited!

Her family ordered her favorite strawberry/vanilla bean cake and all the guests are there–everybody except for Phillip.

Fashionably late was expected, but after waiting for him for an hour and a half, she finally calls him and asks if he’s almost there.

“Babe, I’m so sorry. I’m not gonna make it.”

“Seriously? You promised.”

“I know, I know, but it’s not gonna happen. I’m in Paris still! I’m having a great time. I’m thinking of you.”

“Gee, thanks. It might have been nice if you would have let me know earlier. I’ve made everybody wait for you, the frosting on my cake is melting, half of the balloons have deflated–”

“I’m gonna make it up to you,” he interrupts smoothly. “I promise.”

“Yeah?” she asks, still sulking a bit.

“Yeah. I had an appointment with my Paris jeweler earlier today….”

“Oh yeah?” she asks, a tiny small starting.

“Yeah. I thought it might be nice to add to the collection of royal jewels… something nice for your 18th birthday.”

She shakes her head indulgently. “Well, it won’t be as good as having you here,” she insists.

“I’ll make sure it is,” he promises.


Selina makes the best of it, and when it’s time for Phillip’s party two weeks later, everyone is in attendance.

Phillip runs into Jeanette halfway through the party, after a little too much punch, and she is none too pleased to see him.

“Why are you in such a bad mood?” he asks casually.

“Are you kidding me?” she snaps, but doesn’t elaborate since his baby sister Kylie just came in. “You’ve got to be kidding.”

“All right, sorry I asked,” he replies, ducking out of the kitchen.


Younger brother Prince Gabriel leads the way on the birthday song with Marcella lingering nearby, Jeanette glaring at him over a cup of punch, and Selina eying his birthday cake a bit resentfully.

“To another great year!” he shouts, before blowing out the candles.

* In the event that you saw items that made you go, “HEY! I don’t have that in MY game!” I don’t have it in my game either, I Photoshopped it in ’cause I felt like it. 🙂 (The Sims 4 party planning decor leaves much to be desired, and you will see more of that at weddings.)

The Royals: Introduction

So, because I am unabashedly a dork, I took copious notes about my little royal family (and I created a royal family in the first place, so…) and now I want to introduce them to you! For the purpose of fluidity, I’m glossing over the creation of this monarchy–it began as simply Queen Lacey, King Reginald, and their son and heir, Prince Phillip (who was a child). They had lots of babies, but the first update will begin with Prince Phillip as a teenager and the last of the King and Queen’s royal brood being born.

The Royal Family 1

Artistic Queen Lacey is pregnant for the final time and ambitious King Reginald would like another boy, but is also fine with another girl to even out the ranks. The quiet one of the family, bookish Princess Macy is nearly a teenager, and evil little Prince Gabriel…we don’t know how he’ll turn out yet.

Then there’s the heir and next King, Prince Phillip! He has just become a teenager, and is beginning to think of his future, and who will preside over the kingdom with him.

prince phillip profile

Although the newly grown prince is single, there was an informal plan between the families that Prince Phillip and honey-haired Lady Jeanette Whitely would marry someday. Now a teen, Prince Phillip takes Lady Jeanette out on their first date. Things go okay, but Lady Jeanette is a genius, and she’s more than a little eccentric.


the royal family 2

While taking an evening stroll through the park, they meet an acquaintance of Lady Jeanette’s, Lady Selina Covington.

Prince Phillip’s head is turned.

the royal family 3Upon realizing her date is paying more attention to Selina than to her, Jeanette says goodbye to her friend and tries to get Phillip’s attention back. When he asks her if Selina is seeing anyone, Jeanette panics.

“I think so,” Jeanette says, uncertainly.

“She seemed nice.”

“Yeah…she likes the bad boys though,” she says, laughing uncertainly.


He sounds more interested than she’s comfortable with, so she quickly adds, “Yeah, she lost her virginity to a pirate. Several pirates! A whole…mess of pirates, I think.”


She nods earnestly.

But the prince is intrigued.

the royal family 4Prince Phillip pays Lady Selina a visit at her family home, where they play a game of chess while they get to know each other. He learns that Selina’s favorite food is grilled cheese, which he finds adorably pedestrian, and the more she talks, the more adorable he finds her.

“Have you ever dated a pirate?” he asks suddenly.

“What?” she asks, understandably baffled.

“Nothing, never mind.”

“I’ve never dated anyone,” she says, laughing softly and meeting his gaze.

He’s won over.

The royal family 5

In fact, before he even leaves, the bold young prince gives Selina her first kiss!!

the royal family 6

They begin going on dates so that Phillip can determine whether or not she will make a good future queen, and before long, he’s so smitten that he doesn’t even care that her background check isn’t–strictly speaking–sparkling.

“I brought you to our favorite bistro because I have something important to ask you… could you put the phone down?” he requests.

“Did you not hear me?” she replies, still tapping away.

“No, I did. I’m obviously proud of you for beating this level of Candy Crush, but…”

“Got it! Ha! Stupid game, thinking it can best me.” She finally puts the phone down and smiles. “What did you want to talk to me about?”

The royal family 7

He asks her to officially be his girlfriend!

“Of course I will!” she enthuses as he nuzzles her neck.

The Royal family 8

Their relationship progresses nicely, and eventually Phillip even invites her to stay the night at the castle with him so he can give her the grand tour.

Selina loves music, so he shows her around the music room and she’s delighted.

“This is my mother’s art studio, but someday I might turn this into whatever my queen wants it to be…” He punctuates the promise of that statement with a squeeze of her hand.

the royal family 9 the royal family 10

And speaking of the queen, she goes into labor and gives birth to TWIN daughters!

Princess Regina and Princess Kylie are born!

When Phillip comes to see the babies, his mother asks if he’s given any more thought to reconsidering Jeanette’s suit.

“You would make such adorable babies,” she tells him.

Grimacing, he says, “Mom, I’ve told you that I’m with Selina.”

“Well, sure, now. I’m talking about your future wife.”

“Very likely, so am I,” he replies.

Although Lacey and Selina get along, the queen is not altogether pleased with this news.

Lady Selina, while a lady by all rights, is technically illegitimate. Her mother became pregnant (by Lord Trenton, her husband’s brother) before the wedding, so she is actually the daughter of a second son, not the heir to her family estate. It is also rumored that her legal father, Lord Trevor, the rightful heir, is running a crime syndicate!

It could be his evil trait coming out, or maybe he’s just dazzled by Selina’s loveliness, but Phillip doesn’t care if his future queen might be the maybe-daughter of a major criminal.

The queen can only roll her eyes. “Men.”

And that’s all for the introduction to the Royal family!

I’m sure you will see more from them very soon!



A Sims 4 Stories Blog!

Hello, everybody!! *Waves*


Anyway. This is going to be where I keep track of my Sims 4 Sim stories, specifically at the moment, my royal family, and potentially a Legacy family.

This is not my first Sims blog (I have a Sims 2 blog to track my Test of Time challenge over HERE) but this one is my first Sims 4 blog, and be forewarned, I have had the disappearing Sims glitch where the game just randomly eats some families/family members without warning or reason, so it could potentially be like an episode of The Leftovers.

Anyway, this is just an intro post. Now I’m gonna introduce The Royal Family!