The Last Sims on Earth: Episode 1

If you’re just tuning in, you’ll want to see the INTRODUCTION to the Last Sims on Earth.


Adam Hunter was just coming back to the precinct when The Sickness started killing off his coworkers.


“You brought…guests? I wish you would’ve called to warn me,” Eve said, shuffling her bunny slipper clad feet. “I would’ve at least gotten dressed!”

“I tried calling. Something is happening. I think that flu is getting worse. This is Theo and Clara, they’re going to be staying for us for a while while we figure all this out.”


As the months passed by, Theo knocked up his girlfriend Vanessa Harrison, but he doesn’t even like kids, so he’s not so sure about it.

Clara Green has set her sights on Theo. By night, she scours the town looking for valuables at empty houses nearby. She figures eventually society will be rebuilt–they may even come across living Sims they just don’t know about yet!–and people will want their bobbles again. Might as well have a monopoly!


Eve is excited to have her baby, but she’s nervous about the lack of prenatal care.

To cheer her up as her due date nears, Adam suggests to Clara they have a little baby shower for her.

“What a great idea!” she enthuses. “I’ll make the cake.”


Although an event planner, Clara didn’t have a lot of decorations to work with, and without any surviving doctors, they had no ultrasound to know the baby’s gender. Still, it’s a nice time.


Vanessa shows up with a bouncer for the new baby, but can’t help noticing that Clara Green is ALL OVER Theo!

When she pulls Theo aside to ask about it, he accuses her of acting like a jealous girlfriend and tells her he needs space.

“Space?” she asks, stunned. “Space?! I’m carrying your child!”

“I know that, I just… look, this whole domestic thing isn’t for me, ok?”

“You are unbelievable,” she tells him before storming out.


Before Vanessa has even made it down the road, Theo starts flirting with Clara.

“Thought you had a girlfriend,” Clara teases.

“Not anymore,” he informs her.

Clara grins.


The Last Sims on Earth Community: Introduction


It was an ordinary day in Willow Springs when The Sickness suddenly hit.

A new strain of the llama flu, it spread rapidly.

Then the deaths began. Medical experts scrambled to find a vaccine, to find a cure, anything to fight the sudden, deadly illness striking down entire families.


As with any illness, there were those who just got lucky, and those who had a natural immunity.

The population dwindled, leaving only a few Sims left on Earth.

This is their story.

05-22-15_11-42 PM

Alyssa Reynolds has always wanted to be in a band, and when she went to see her favorite local band, Sims Against the Plumbob, she noticed their guitarist wasn’t feeling so hot.

She’d been crushing on the lead singer for a long time too, and when she got a chance to hang out with him after the show, she mentioned that she was a pretty good guitarist if they needed a back-up.

She came away from the show with an audition and a date with Ezekiel!


Her relationship with Ezekiel took off, and so did her music career! The original guitarist got better, but Ezekiel decided he liked Alyssa’s sound better.

A few months into the relationship, she and her roommate (Vanessa Harrison) were hanging out with their respective boyfriends by the lake.

“Hey,” Vanessa said, glancing at the stranger nearby. “Do you see that big bruise on that guy’s arm?”

Alyssa stole a peek, then began uneasily, “Isn’t that one of the symptoms of something going around? I feel like I saw something about that on the news.”

Vanessa’s boyfriend Zaiden said, “Yeah, I feel like I saw something like that, too…”

“We better head home,” said Ezekiel. “Don’t want to catch anything. Our band has a show next weekend, we can’t afford to miss it.”

Millions died.

Ten survived.

These are the last Sims on Earth.




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